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Unique PC with LCD Display: "More Than A Desktop"

The new all-in-one ChemPC™ 3000 with a large 15.1-inch flat-panel LCD display is designed for space-conscious environments and for users requiring transportable displays for presentations and meetings.

At the heart of the ChemPC™ 3000 is the Intel® 430BX core logic chipset, delivering the best performance possible. The ChemPC™ 3000 features an Intel® Pentium® III Processor with speeds of up to 500MHz, as well as 512KB Pipelined Burst L2 Cache memory, ensuring that you will have the option to upgrade when you need additional processing power.

The 15.1-inch TFT color LCD display supports XGA resolutions up to 1024x768 in 16 million true colors. Scaling functions are supported for multi-resolution applications. A wide viewing angle of 70 degrees to either side of dead center (for a total of 140 degrees), a vertical viewing angle of 60 degrees (120 degrees total), and a tilt range from minus 6 to 25 degrees accommodate multiple simultaneous viewers.

The ChemPCÔ 3000 comes equipped with a 24X CD-ROM drive, 3.5-inch floppy drive and a choice of 5000 RPM hard drives. The ChemPCÔ 3000 also includes a fast infrared port (FIR) of 4Mbps (compared to standard 150Kbps) for wireless connection to peripherals. Nine additional I/O ports for serial, parallel, etc., are also included. Two Type II or one Type III PCMCIA slots support a 32-bit PC CardBus architecture and Zoomed Video. For fast Web accessibility, the option for the 56Kbps-v.90 modem is through the PCMCIA or PCI add-on slot. The 10/100Base-T LAN is provided as an expansion module, leaving the PCI and PCMCIA expansion slots free.

The ChemPCÔ 3000 measures just 13.8 (H) by 14.9 (W) by 7.0 (D) inches (350x378x180 mm), weighs only 16 pounds and features an easy-grip handle to enable the unit to be easily transported from one desktop or meeting location to another. In addition to occupying one-third the space of a traditional desktop PC and consuming only 91 watts.

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