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Read Me File
9780m2_readme.txt 3-26-02         8KB Please read carefully before install any driver
BIOS Updates 3-26-02 480KB For Pentium and Pentium II
Video Drivers   3-26-02 1,050KB C&T VGA Drivers for MS-Windows 3.xx   3-26-02    169KB C&T VGA Drivers for MS-Windows95   3-26-02        43KB C&T VGA Drivers for MS-Windows NT 3.5x   3-26-02        89KB C&T VGA Drivers fot MS-Windows NT 4.0 3-26-02 1,107KB C&T VGA Drivers for IBM OS/2 Warp 
Audio Drivers   3-26-02 12,626KB YAMAHA OPL3-SA/Ystation16 for MS-Windows 3.xx   3-26-02  1,355KB YAMAHA OPL3-SA for MS-Windows95   3-26-02     866KB YAMAHA OPL3-SAx for MS-Windows NT   3-26-02 5,707KB YAMAHA Ystation32 for MS-Windows NT   3-26-02        92KB YAMAHA OPL3-SA for IBM OS/2 Warp 4.0
CD ROM 3-26-02        29KB KME UJDA110 20X CD-ROM drivers
Chipstv 3-26-02      295KB C&T VGA Capture Drivers 
FIR 3-26-02  5,922KB Puma IntelliSync 97 for Windows(TM)
Margi 3-26-02      748KB Margi Capture to go 
Mouse   3-26-02  1,147KB Logitech OEM MouseWare95 for MS-Windows 3.1 3-26-02  1,086KB Logitech OEM MouseWare95 for MS-Windows 95
O2Micro 3-26-02      343KB O2 Micro Pcmcia driver and tools
PCMCIA   3-26-02  1,151KB SystemSoft CardWizard for MS-Windows 3.1
Modem   3-26-02     583KB Internal 56K ASVD Fax/Modem  for MS-Windows NT
Utility   3-26-02       70KB PHDISK, PHLASH, EXPVGA
Other   3-26-02     574KB Intel 82371xB INF Update Installer for MS-Windows 95

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