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The ChemBook™ 9750 is the lightweight solution for the heavyweight applications in Multimedia Computing. It features a 13.3" Active Matrix LCD, supporting resolutions up to 1024 x 768, and is driven by Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology at speeds up to 233 MHz, coupled with standard 256KB L2 Cache, or the optional 512KB L2 Cache (available only on 13.3" models).

With Upgradable CPU, memory and Hard Drive, you will not have to worry about the notebook becoming obsolete. When your every day use outgrows the current configuration, you have the option of upgrading to faster processors, more memory, and larger hard drives.

For multimedia applications, you will find in the 9750 a Video Capture Port, Zoomed Video Port, and a removable 20X CD-ROM. For Wireless communications, the 9750 is equipped with a Fast Infrared port, capable of transferring data at up to 4 Mbps.

The 9750 is also built for flexibility. The Smart Bay allows you to insert a CD-ROM drive, Floppy Drive, or a secondary battery. With all of these features, the 9750 still measures only 1.8" in height and weighs less than 7 pounds. This is why PC Magazine declared "...the ChemBook™ 9750 is a decent choice as an all-purpose notebook."

PC Portables Review Online, August, 1997
  • Chem, it seems, knows laptops.
  • With speed, performance and beautiful looks, the Chembook 9750M is a veritable greyhound among portable computers.

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