ChemBook 8200 / 8200B

        All files with the .ZIP extension are compressed, and can be decompressed by using any ZIP tool.

        All files with the .EXE extension are self-extracting files. Run the executable file in an empty directory to extract the contents of the file. Add the -d parameter to create subdirectories if the compressed file contains subdirectories (As denoted by -d). 

        The dates listed indicate when the files are uploaded to the CHEM USA FTP server, and may not reflect the release dates from the manufacturers of the components. The files available here are updated as of the upload dates.

File List 
8200_filelist.txt   3-19-02        4KB Please read carefully before installation
Audio Drivers V4.06.0538 3-19-02 5,680KB For Windows 95 V4.06.0538 3-19-02 5,680KB For Windows 98 V5.00.2234 3-19-02 3,434KB For Windows 98SE V4.02.0019 3-19-02 5,792KB For Windows NT4.0 V5.00.2234 3-19-02      22KB For Windows 2000   3-19-02 1,140KB Audio Player application
Video Drivers   3-19-02 1,140KB For Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000
Battery 0.92LF 3-19-02      18KB Utility for quickly fresh battery under DOS. 
CD ROM   3-19-02 1,277KB ATAPI CD-ROM driver
Flash V1.57.A02 3-19-02      35KB FLASH BIOS utility 
Fast IR   3-19-02    557KB For Windows 95/98/2000
Lan V3.03 3-19-02 1,198KB Intel 82559 PRO/100+ Client Adapter Driver for Win98/95/NT4.0
Modem V5.61a 3-19-02 1,847KB Lucent modem driver For Win 95/98/NT4.0
Panel   3-19-02 8,813KB SMI Control Panel program  for Winows 95 / 98 / NT4.0 / 2000
Patch   3-19-02 1,432KB Intel 82440MX INF update utility for Win98/95
PCMCIA V4.00.1111 3-19-02    559KB For Windows  95
PHDISK V4.36 3-19-02      30KB Utility to make the 'Suspend to disk' partition
PORTDOCK parv2041 3-19-02    842KB EPP TO IDE drivers for WIN98/95/NT4.0
SpeedStep V1.1 3-19-02 1,264KB For  Windows 98/95/NT40/Win2000
TouchPad   3-19-02    745KB Support wheel function V5.0.45 3-19-02 18,638KB For Windows 95/98 V5.0.45 3-19-02 19,176KB For Windows NT4.0 V5.0.56 3-19-02 1,431KB For Windows 2000
VPM V1.1 3-19-02   873KB SMI VPM drivers and capture applications for Win98/Win95

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