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The  ChemBookTM 7200 is the latest innovation in hardware offerings from CHEM USA.  Only 1.5" thick, the  ChemBookTM 7200 offers a sleek look that doesn't sacrifice the delivery the full power applications.  This is made possible by the use of Intel« Module Module, also known as MMC-1.  As part of the video subsystem, you will find a Graphics Accelerator with 2MB(12.1")/4MB (13.3") of SGRAM Video Memory. The combination of these technologies, along with up to 160 MB of SDRAM system memory, enables you to experience a new plateau of video performance never reached before in the mobile computing area.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the ChemBookTM 7200 has an All-In-One design. You will be able to use the CD-ROM, floppy drive, hard drive, and battery simultaneously and internally. This means that you will not have to worry about having the cables tangled together. All this is available in a system weighing about 6 pounds and measuring 1.5" in thickness. You might think that overheating is inevitable with all these devices cramped into such little space. But with breakthroughs in Advanced Ventilation Design, such as heat pipe and temperature-controller cooling fan, overheating is the one thing you will not have to worry about.

In addition to all the performance you will ever need, you will also find all the features that you want in a notebook computer. USB Port is standard, and optional feature includes Internal 56Kbps v.90 Voice/Fax/Modem. The ChemBookTM 7200 is truly a complete system that meets all your needs.

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