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Have you ever complained that the LCD display or keyboard on your laptop computer is too small, or that the notebook computer lags behind desktop systems in computing power? Well, complain no more. With the introduction of the ChemBook™ 7000M, CHEM USA has taken portable computing to a new plateau.

The ChemBook™ 7000M is the first portable computer system to feature an active matrix display measuring an amazing 15.1" diagonally. This beautiful display is paired with 4MB SGRAM Video RAM and a 64-bit Video Controller with 3D Accelerator capabilities. This combination allows for a truly incredible multimedia experience.

But the ChemBook™ 7000M is a lot more than just looking great. The 7000M is powered by an Intel® Mobile Pentium® Processor up to 266 MHz or an Intel® Mobile Pentium® II Processor up to 300 MHz, both located on an Intel® Mobile Module. The Mobile Module also contains the Intel® 430TX/440BX PCISet, undisputedly the best chipsets available for the Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology and Intel® Pentium® II processor, respectively. In addition, the ChemBook™ 7000M is PC97 and ACPI Compliant, which means that it will run the latest operating systems and software available in the market.

One of the benefits of having a 15.1" Display is to have more room for the keyboard, and the designers of the ChemBook™ 7000 made sure that this room is not wasted. Instead of the standard 87-keys on other notebook computers, the ChemBook™ 7000 is equipped with a 102-key Windows 95 Keyboard with Built-In, non-embedded 10-key numeric keypad.

Did you ever wish to take your DVD home theater on the road with you? Well, now you can do it with the ChemBook™ 7000M. With the before mentioned 15.1" Active Matrix LCD Screen plus a pair of 3D stereo-quality onboard speakers, The 7000M has everything you need to enjoy your DVD movie. All you need to provide is the popcorn!

If you ever decide to expand beyond the capabilities of the ChemBook™ 7000M, there is a wide variety of expansion ports available. These include the latest features such as 2 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Ports, RCA Video Capture Port, S-Video TV-Output port, and a Fast Infrared Port, as well as the standard serial, parallel, and CRT ports. Finally, with the built-in Kensington Lock feature, you know that your ChemBook™ 7000 is secure and protected.


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