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Laptop Buyer's Guide and Handbook, January, 1997

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The All-In-One Versatile
Multimedia Notebook

The Award Winning ChemBook™ 6800 is designed for those who need an All-In-One Portable Multimedia solution. With the 6800 you can use both the floppy drive and the CD-ROM at the same time without connecting any devices externally.

Encased in the elegant casing is the real workhorse of this system. Under the hood of the 6800 you will find an Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology at speeds up to 233 MHz and 512KB L2 Cache, as well as a 64-bit PCI video with Zoomed Video capabilities, EDO system memory up to 128MB, and the largest slim-size Hard Disk Drive available.

For expansion purposes, the 6800 uniquely features 3 PCMCIA slots, and is equipped with the standard input/output ports, along with a Fast Infrared Port for Wireless Communications.

If multimedia capabilities are in your decision to purchase a portable computer, you have made the right choice in the 6800. Standard features for the 6800 include built-in 20X CD-ROM, 16-bit Stereo Sound System with Hardware WaveTable, and RCA TV-Out Port. It is no coincidence that the Laptop Buyer's Guide and HandBook declared "That's a lot of value for your money."

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