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Best Buy, PC Portables Magazine, June 1998
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The High Performance
Upgradeable IMM Design

The ChemBook™ 6000 is a notebook filled with features you can find only on portable computers of the future, but you don't have to wait that long to get your hands on them.

The 6000 is first notebook computer from CHEM USA Corporation to utilize the Intel® Mobile Module (IMM). Embedded in this module is the enhanced Intel® mobile Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology, the Intel® 430TX North Bridge (MTXC/82439TX), and 512KB High Performance Pipelined Burst SRAM L2 Cache memory. Intel®'s new 0.25 micron manufacturing process enables 40% higher clock speeds while reducing power consumption almost 50% compared to the previous highest performance processor for mobile PCs. Our upgradeable ChemBook™ 6000 model provides you better multimedia and communications performance without compromising battery life. By designing a notebook using the Intel® Mobile Module platform, the motherboard on the ChemBook™ 6000 does not become obsolete once a new generation of CPU is released. Instead, by replacing the IMM module with one containing a new CPU, you have essentially upgraded your notebook computer to the leading edge technology.

Beginning April 2, 1998, the ChemBook™ 6000 is also available with the new Intel® Mobile Pentium® II CPU. The speed of the Intel® Pentium® II processor is delivered on the same type of Intel® Mobile Module as the one for Intel® Mobile Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology. On the Intel® Pentium® II processor mobile module you will find the Intel® Mobile Pentium® II processor itself, the North Bridge for the Intel® 440BX Chipset, as well as 512KB L2 Cache, which utilizes a separate bus in the Pentium® II Dual Independent Bus (DIB) Architecture. Among other enhancements of the Intel® Pentium® II processor is Dynamic Execution, which allows the processor to streamline and predict the order of instructions so that the processor can be used more efficiently. And, of course, the Intel® mobile Pentium® II processor is built with the 0.25-micron technology first used on the Intel® mobile Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology, allowing for higher speeds and lower voltage and power consumption.

The CPU module is not the only modulized component on the ChemBook™ 6000. The current version of the 6000 features a 128-bit Graphics Controller from Neomagic and integrated 2MB EDO Video RAM. By replacing the Video Module, you have the option of upgrading to 3D Graphics Accelerator with 4MB SGRAM.

Another unique feature on the ChemBook™ 6000 is PC Health Monitoring. Built into the 6000 is Intel®'s LM78 Hardware Monitoring Circuit. By using the Proprietary PC Probe Software, vital status of the 6000 can be monitored, such as CPU temperature, voltage fluctuation, fan status, etc.

Last, but not least, the ChemBook™ 6000 is loaded with the most popular features you can find in today's notebook computer systems. They include Universal Serial Bus Port, Auto Tilt-Up Keyboard for ergonomic typing angle, 3D Surround Sound, S-Video TV-Out, and Smart and Hot Swappable Battery. With these features built-in, the ChemBook™ 6000 is definitely the most versatile notebook computer you will see in the market today.

PC Portables Magazine - Best Buy, June 1998
  • "Fast. Slick. Fancy."
  • "The new price transforms it into a truly outstanding deal."
  • "This is an ingenious design..."
  • "The ChemBook 6000 is an excellent machine and an excellent value. It's packed to the gills with power, and you aren't paying for a brand name. If CHEM USA is unknown to most consumers, it's clear off the bat that they make quality stuff. Just imagine how much this would cost if it were made by IBM or Compaq! For that reason, we've desinated this sporty machine as a 'Best Buy' this month."
PC Magazine Review Online, January 20, 1998, Page 124
  • "The unit's long battery life--the best here--makes the 9.2 pounds worth carrying."
  • Among the Best in System Heat Dissipation
  • "...ergonomics, style, and competitive performance suggest that demanding users might well be happy with it."
  • "The ChemBook™ 6000 is well suited as a desktop replacement."
PC Magazine - Inside PC Labs - Does Your Notebook Run Hot?, April 7, 1998, Page 29
  • "In 'Infrared Exposé', ... we noted that most notebooks we examined - including ones from Akia, ChemBook, Hewlett-Packard, and Sony - had case-surface temperatures of well under 120 degrees. Everex, Micron, and Sharp notebooks had areas hotter than 120 degrees."
  • ChemBook™ has the best value among those with low case-surface temperatures!

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Last Modified : January 4, 1999

Last Modified : January 4, 1999
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