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Ultra Slim All-In-One
High Performance Notebook

You won't find the bells and whistles you would expect to find on a typical Multimedia notebook computer with Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology, but the ChemBook™ 3300T offers you the essentials, performance and expandability.

At the heart of the ChemBook™ 3300T is the Intel® 430TX PCISet core logic chipset, delivering the best performance possible. This is matched with a Socket 7 Upgradeable CPU architecture, supporting both Intel® mobile Pentium® processor and Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology, as well as 512KB Pipelined Burst L2 Cache memory, ensuring that you will have the option to upgrade when you need additional processing power.

With the ChemBook™ 3300T's all-in-one design, you can use the floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, hard disk drive, and the battery internally and simultaneously. This means that you do not have to fumble around with external devices or connecting cables.

Not to be overlooked are all the multimedia and expansion features you would expect from a portable system, such as 64-bit Video Controller, Full-Duplex Sound Card with 3D Surround Sound Support, Universal Serial Bus Port, Fast Infrared Port, and CardBus PCMCIA Slots with Zoomed Video Port Support.

With 3300T, you now have a choice of NiMH or Li-Ion battery. A feature newly available on the 3300T is Heuristic Power Management (HPM), which provides an increase of battery life up to 50%.

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