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Byte Magazine
Best Portable Award
Computex Taipei '97
(Mitac 5027)

The Ultimate Mobile
Multimedia Experience

The latest product in a line of high-performance, feature-filled notebook computers is the new ChemBook™ 2700. The 2700 belongs to a new breed of notebook computers, featuring the latest in Mobile Computing Technology. The 2700 was recently awarded Best Portable Award at Byte's Computex Taipei, June 1997.

The 2700 is based upon the new Intel® 430TX Core Logic chipset. Using this chipset, the 2700 supports Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology up to 233 MHz. Recent units shipped with 4MB Video RAM will also support the Intel® mobile Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology at 266 MHz. Together with up to 128MB EDO, the 2700 delivers unmatched performance.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the 2700 is its large 14.2" Active Matrix LCD display, the largest display currently available for mobile computing. When used with 4MB EDO Video Memory, the 2700 is capable of displaying at the XGA resolution of 1024 x 768 at 16.8 million colors. With this kind of display, who needs the external monitor anymore?

As with other members of the ChemBook™ product line, the 2700 features the latest features in Mobile computing, including CardBus and Zoomed Video Port for multimedia, Universal Serial Bus for high speed peripherals, and RCA TV-Out for presentation. Together with a large, ergonomic keyboard, measuring 300mm in width, the 2700 has everything you will ever need in a notebook computer.

Asked why Byte decided to declare Mitac's 5027 (a.k.a. ChemBook™ 2700) the king of the pack, the magazine's global chief editor, Rich Friedman, had these words to say: "The portable category is the toughest to qualify but Mitac's 5027 stood out. The battery design is unparalleled. Other features include its port replicator and the large LCD emanating crisp pictures. The sleek machine just felt nice typing using its full-sized keyboard. In short, it has all the bells and whistles." (Extracted from Mitac Press Release June 05, 1997)

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