ChemBook 2037

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        The dates listed indicate when the files are uploaded to the CHEM USA FTP server, and may not reflect the release dates from the manufacturers of the components. The files available here are updated as of the upload dates.

2037 User Manual   8-14-06 2.9MB  
Intel Chipset Drivers   8-14-06 2.4MB  
Audio Drivers   8-14-06 19.1MB   
Video Drivers   8-14-06 58.3MB  
Lan Drivers   8-14-06 2.0MB  
Modem Drivers   8-14-06 6.2MB  
Quick-Key Drivers   8-14-06 2.3MB  
Touch Pad Drivers   8-14-06 12.9MB  
PCMCIA Card Reader Drivers   8-14-06 2.5MB  
E-Mail LED Drivers   8-14-06 6.9MB  
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